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Starring Josh Geoghagan, John Bateman, Tommy Keesling, Stephen Lima, and Gina Markova. Directed by Kevin Becker.

The Pillowman (2008) Trailer

Ariel and Tulpolski confront Katurian with his alleged crimes by force. Josh Geoghagan as Katurian, Stephen Lima as Ariel, and Tommy Keesling as Detective Tupolski 

The Pillowman (2008) The Box Scene
low quality

Tupolski tells his own version of The Little Deaf Boy, using Katurian as his audience. John Geoghagan as Katurian and Tommy Keesling as Detective Tupolski. 

The Pillowman (2008) The Little Deaf Boy
low quality

Katurian confronts his brother, Michal, with his crimes. Josh Geoghagan as Katurian and John Bateman as Michal.

The Pillowman (2008) Katurian and Michal confrontation scene 
low quality


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