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HUBRIS is an independent theatre troupe committed to bringing contemporary plays to the artistic landscape in New York City. Founded by John Bateman in 2009, it quickly made a name for itself in for its dealings on lesser known playwrights and avant-garde themes. With a strong focus on straight plays, Hubris hopes to bring something new and revolutionary to the theatrical scene through local artists, actors, and creative dreamers. 


John Bateman

Involved in theatrical arts for seventeen years, John has always felt a passion for the stage. The founding of Hubris has been his life's work. An actor, playwright, and producer it is his hope to bring theatrical art to the stage for many years to come.

Donal Brophy

A successful businessman and accomplished actor, Donal has been involved in the theatrical arts for many years. Performing internationally in both the UK and United States he is excited to be bringing his talents to the Hubris family.

Kate Szekely

Thrilled to be involved with Hubris, Kate has an extensive background in acting, filmcraft, and stage directing. She plans to bring all elements of these interests to bear in Hubris's current and future productions.

Nick Civitello

Artist resident, erstwhile playwright, and consummate performer, Nick is making a return to theatre after a long hiatus. Fresh from production work on Hubris's The Pillowman, he is excited to be making his debut in New York City.

Shachar Langlev

An award-winning filmmaker, Shachar has been featured on MTV, PBS, and a host of other networks showcasing his abilities. With this latest endeavor, he hopes to turn this collaborative vision towards the stage with Hubris.

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