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Directed by John Bateman


"What's it going to be then, eh?" 


This is the question asked by Alex: a young, brilliant, and utterly vicious street criminal roaming the not-too-far-off dystopian future. Speaking in a poetry of inventive slang, he and his gang of miscreants roam the night, terrorizing their victims with "ultra-violence". However when the state captures young Alex with the intent of reforming him, Alex is thrown helplessly back into the society and at the mercy of those he's wronged. 


Written by the acclaimed author Anthony Burgess himself, this award winning play examines the nature of good and evil at its very roots: the freedom of choice. 

"His range is immense. His fertility seems inexhaustible. Taking output and quality together, he is our major writer"

- Sunday Telegraph

"I think the story applies even more so today, certainly in the sense of urban decay you get from our inner cities." - Anthony Burgess

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